Okay, let’s talk about Zombies.  They seem to be popular now.


I don’t like zombies.  They creep me out.  I don’t like not being able to talk to a person, and, maybe part of it is that they remind me of myself when I’ve fallen to Frenzy.


Can I make a zombie?  Yes.  Yes I can.  It’s actually really easy to do, and can happen on accident, or intentionally.


An accidental zombie would be when you’re trying to turn someone.  Turning someone is kind of a process.  You need to drain them till they’re dying, and make sure you get a good hard bite in there, to make sure your venom (That’s vampire spit) really gets into the wounds.  Then, you need to feed them your blood until they actually croak.  It’s not often, but, if you don’t bite hard enough or get enough of your venom in a person, and then feed them your blood and they die?  They’ll rise a zombie.


We can also do this accidentally.  Say we’re making love to our partner.  We’re kind of driven to do things for reproductive reasons.  Hey, so are you.  But we need to bite our partners, and we want to share our blood as well.


I promise I’ll talk vampire reproduction later…


So, sharing your blood, in vampire guys, not using a condom, or any myriad of other ways to get vampire blood into a human, and then dying…without a bite, chances are good you’ll become a zombie.


I’ve never made any zombies.  I’ve also never made any vampires.  But I’ve run into other vampires who have made zombies.


They can control them with their minds.  Imagine having a horde of flesh eating machines at your mental command.

The zombies are infectious, but only their bite.  They’ve got the virus from our blood in their mouths, and it runs rampant.  It takes about three days to die of a zombie bite, unless, with my case, you can inject some holy water in an IV drip.  Unpleasant, but…you might survive.

You remember how I mentioned that Strigorii who aren’t related closely will try to kill another Strigorii?  Same thing applies to their Zombies.  When I encountered a hive of zombies (I don’t know why we’re called Packs and Zombies live in Hives…) it was like rage.  Fury.  I attacked, and couldn’t stop until every part stopped moving.  And there were a lot of them.  I’m unsure of if they have the same instinctive hate of unrelated Strigorii, or if it’s that they were following their Master’s wishes.


Overall?  Apart from the whole walking and rotting thing (Oh god the smell) they’re not actually stronger than a human.  They just don’t care if they tear their bodies apart doing whatever it is they’re doing.  That’s why they seem stronger than normal.  They’re also worse in groups.  They’ve got our hunger for blood, but can’t separate it from the flesh, so they just devour everything.  It doesn’t stop them from rotting though.  And, once a zombie’s a zombie, there’s nothing you can do to bring them back.


The best weapon against a mob of zombies is fire.  They’re too stupid to realize they’re on fire, and won’t try to put themselves out.  But, if you don’t have a handy flamethrower, destroy their brain, sever their spinal cord.  Anything that’s not touching their body anymore might twitch, but it’s not really productive twitching.  Also, don’t worry about their blood.  It’s not infectious if you get it in your own wounds.  Just their bites.


Ugh, just remembering that makes me feel like I need to take a shower.  Maybe I will.


Until next time.

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