The holidays.

Holidays are hard for someone like me.

I don’t do well around religious articles. I was born and raised Christian. I slid into a more agnostic role when I was in my teenage years. When I died, I was also agnostic.

I think those beliefs backfired on me.

See, Strigorii don’t do well around holy things. The more faith is in an item, the more powerful it is towards something like me. A priest holding out a cross and a bible can take the strength from my legs, and force me back with the sheer force of his will. An athiest waving a cross as me has…next to no power, and is actually kind of funny. My OWN faith in religious symbols is also turned against me. That’s why I can’t do things like pick up crosses without burning myself.

People have asked me if things like their faith in science is enough to bring me to my knees, I have to say no. Basically, someone like me is ‘owned’ by Anusia, the goddess who created my species is a jealous goddess. The reason Faith turns me away is because she doesn’t want me converting, on threat of physical pain.

So, holidays, with religion everywhere, is actually physically painful. Then, there’s the whole family thing too…

My family isn’t around anymore. So, holidays are just kind of difficult all around.

I hope it’s happier for everyone else. Ugh, sorry for the downer of an entry. Any suggestions about what I should write about next? Anything you’re curious about?

Let me know.

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