Shifting Shapes, or…Shapeshifting!


That’s what most vampires are really known for. Turning into bats. Less so, they’re known for turning into wolves, groups of spiders, misty clouds, a haze with crimson eyes…

Okay, some of these I can do.

Each vampire of my species comes with two default forms. What those forms are are up to the individual vampire. But generally they’re a ‘flight’ form and a ‘running’ form.

My first successful shapeshift was into my ‘running’ form, which was a Wolf.

Now, the thing about vampires is that we do try to conserve mass as we shapeshift. I’m a big wolf. I’m a wolf that’s the same color as my hair, and I keep my eyes. (Which I have been told is kind of creepy.) I’m also leaner, taller, and just…bigger than a regular wolf. A vampire wolf standing beside a regular wolf doesn’t really dwarf it, but there’s a noticeable difference.

My default ‘flight’ form is a raven. A big, dorky, black bird that’s good for manipulating small tools, blending in, and, well, I walk a lot faster than a bat.

V. my asshole friend, is also a wolf, but he has a hawk form as his default flight form.

So, now I hear the favorite question.

What is it like to shapeshift?

Well, the process helps kind of explain it. Generally, the way I do it is to start with the hands. I imagine what great big paws feel like, down to how the air moving against them would make the fur feel. The thickness of the claws against the ground. And then, I work my way up, along the body, how the chest is narrow, and made for running, the snout, the big twitching ears on top of my head.

Honestly, the change happens so quickly that I don’t really have time to think about the actual ‘sensation’ of changing. It feels, a bit like leaping into a cool torrent of air, rippling down your body. Same with the Raven, but there’s the feeling of imploding.

When I need to lose mass, the theory is that I shed motes of matter. Like, dust.

It’s a theory, I really have no idea, but, ultimately, we try to maintain our mass. But we can get bigger or smaller if we really need to.

I’ve got quite the repertoire of animals to my shapeshifting portfolio.

As I’ve already mentioned, the Raven and the Wolf.

I’ve also got an Amur Leopard, a large Rat, yes, the Bat. Mist too, if you count turning into a puff of dust a ‘shape’. I’m in the works on a Spotted Hyena, a horse (Just to see if I can!) along with a more predatory bird, something with sharp claws. V. Suggests a hawk, but I think that’s because he’s one.

I can also do partial morphs, so when I go to anime conventions, I do the cat ears/tail thing. It’s kind of a big hit. Except for the confused looks when folks try to take photos of me.

I can fly, without assistance from a pair of large bat wings, but the winging it is a LOT easier and a lot less taxing on my appetite.

When I do a lot of supernatural stuff, like shapeshifting or flying, it wears me down pretty badly, and I need to replenish my energy in the same way people do. Rest, and food.

Anyway, it’s early for you, late for me, and I need some rest. Still have a lot of topics to talk about!

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