Fangs for the Memories?

Alright, here’s a fun topic.

Let’s talk about my fangs.

Yes, they’re retractable. I don’t have to show them if I don’t really want to. They retract into normal looking human canine teeth. Yep, canine, eye-teeth. The third back from the middle line. If I get ridiculously hungry my lower canines will sharpen, as will my second upper incisors, but I don’t think those work like my primary fangs, I think that’s more shape-shifting than a biological issue.

In me, because I had them ripped out a bunch when I was a fledgling vampire, they don’t really work properly. In my fangs, there’s a muscle that retracts them fully, and mine are kind of weak, so, when they’re ‘relaxed’ they’re at a half extended state. I know the muscle works because I can retract them, but it doesn’t work ‘normally’ like how they’re supposed to in other Strigorii like myself.

My fangs work a lot like those little telescoping cups, but the segments are so small that fangs feel solid when you touch them. Mine also happen to be serrated at the back, as I use the tips to peirce, and the serrations to slice.

On the other side of things, my fangs extend generally fairly involuntarily. They’re filled with erectile tissue, yes, the same erectile tissue in a penis and nipples. So, when I get aroused, hungry, you pervs, get your mind out of the gutter… (I’ll get into reproduction and at attempts at reproducing when I’m more comfortable writing this!) My fangs get longer, sharper, and more sensitive.

No kidding, if you want to take a vampire out, punch him in the mouth. He’ll go down faster than if you punched him in the junk. Having had it done to me, yeah. Getting my testes crushed doesn’t compare to getting my fangs knocked around. In the world of most painful things, yeah, that’s one of them.

As for why they’re sensitive? Well, I’ve got a bit of a theory on that… Not only because they’re full of erectile tissue, but because I’ve got a bit of venom. My venom glands are at the back of my canine teeth, up in my skull, not too unlike a rattlesnake’s. It’s a neat Venom, one that can produce feelings of orgasmic euphoria, or skull shearing pain. It all depends on how it’s injected.

My fangs aren’t hollow tubes like a rattlesnakes, they’re solid, or at least full of tiny muscles and erectile tissue, so, there needs to be a way to get the venom from the gland to the length of the fang. There’s spit, sure, but my spit is, by default, an anticoagulant. Not a very powerful one, but, one enough to do the job. So, because my fangs are sensitive, and it feels really good to rub them with something…(Uh huh, okay, I’ll admit, it can be almost sexual in its intensity…Jeez..) it feels really good to run my tongue down the back, and up the front, spreading the venom all over the full length of the fang I’m attending to. Of course, drooling, I both drool anticoagulants and venom. Lovely, huh? Hey, you drool when you’re hungry, too.

I’ve also got a hyper-coagulant that’s only produced after I’m fed. It makes sure my prey doesn’t go bleeding out, and will also heal a wound on a human pretty quickly, within hours. Not that the wounds I leave are usually very big, but an arterial nick isn’t something you’d want to mess with. So, I’ve got this, so my human… Victims? Prey? Blood-buddies? Ugh, IS there a good word for it? So the people I bite can walk away from it with two bandaids and a glass of orange juice. Maybe some cookies.

Are there problems with this?

Yes, apart from them being ridiculously sensitive, they’re also difficult to grow back after they’ve been pulled out. A small finger I can regenerate in a night, my fangs? It takes up to a WEEK to get them back after they’ve been pulled or knocked out.

Also, with the venom, I’ve had people get addicted to it. The Bite Junkie is kind of pathetic, and hang out in vampire bars, hoping to be picked up. Generally, they don’t last very long, as safely, a human can only really give a pint every few weeks. And…well, self control isn’t our strong suit.

Oh, yeah…when they extend is entirely up to our stupid reptile brain. When it thinks ‘Food!’ or ‘Sex!’ or ‘Attack!’ our fangs are there, and we have very little control over that. I’m fairly fortunate that I’ve got angular lips so that I can hide even my fully extended fangs. Some vampires aren’t so lucky. Of course, some vampires also have fixed fangs, or…no fangs at all. I can’t imagine that not having fangs would be extremely annoying.

I’m looking at you, Twilight.

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