Alright, sorry about that… Let’s talk about Bloodlust.

Talking about food makes me Hungry. I’ve got a nice patch of woods just down the street from my apartment, so I’m able to slink off into the woods and pick myself out a bunny, or a deer. I try to avoid stray dogs and cats, I feel bad about killing them, if I make a mistake.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, Hunger.

Hunger hurts…a lot. Like I mentioned before, I can semi-comfortably go a day without feeding. The longer it goes, the bitchier I get. I’m in pain, I don’t want to be friendly, I want to eat you, because that will stop the pain.

At about two days, I wake up hungry, bitchy, in pain, and around mid evening, that’s when the cramping starts. It feels like my stomach’s trying to turn its self inside out. I’ve been told that it’s because in a vampire, the stomach’s just sort of a storage place for blood, and when the veins start to empty, the stomach squeezes and pushes a bit more along through a one way valve. The problem is.. if I don’t have anything IN my stomach, there’s nothing to push along, and my stomach just sort of twists up, cramping. The good thing is that it doesn’t last very long in the beginning, but the longer it goes, it can be totally incapacitating. Like, when my belly’s cramping, I can’t even stand up. I just have to sit and wait for it to pass. But, at two days, I’m not ready to break and start feeding off of the huddled masses. Spilled blood though is enough to start a predatory reaction in me.

See, hunger’s not just physical, but mental too. The pain wears down my defenses against the more savage predator that seems to live in the back of my mind. Normally, the desire to hunt, the desire to kill, is something I keep deeply buried. I, as a being capable of compassion and understanding, don’t want to kill things. But there’s always that part of me that wants to tear into the nearest warm creature and bathe in it’s blood.

Ugh, even thinking of it both disgusts me, and excites me in ways that disturb me.

So, two days, the vampire’s close to the surface, the barest scent of blood makes my fangs ache. Oh, yeah, I’ve not mentioned that I have retractable fangs yet, have I? Well, I do. I can always tell when they’re extended (Outside of the fact that my teeth are twice as long as normal!) is that they ache a bit. They’re really sensitive to touch too. One of the easiest ways to check to see if your boyfriend or girlfriend is a vampire is to give them a nice kiss, and slide your tongue along the back of their canine teeth. If they try to nibble, or you notice that they’re longer and sharper than you’re used to, congratulations, you’re probably dating a vampire.

Wow, fang-tangent.

Anyway, two days. I’m basically a huge prick to anyone close to me, and am twitchy, with way too much energy, stomach cramps, and feeling sick. I can basically still function, but…imagine the worst stereotype of PMS out there. Yeah, that’s me after two days without tasting blood. Except, I might actually kill you.

Three days is as long as I can go and still remain rational around spilled blood. I can’t safely be around people, as I don’t have the ability to block out the sound of their minds like I normally do, instead, I’m trying to function AND keep my fangs out of the nearest human being. Everything is more intense. Sights, sounds, light… However, if a large quantity of blood is spilled…I will lose it.

Speaking of losing it. I pretty much black out. When my control snaps entirely, I’m ‘here’ as in I can see some of what’s going on…most of the time, but my body does what it wants. It’s like it’s being controlled by the vampire, a creature of base instincts and lusts. I don’t like losing control. In vampire lingo, we call that loss of control a Frenzy. If someone falls to a Frenzy, it means that we totally flip the fuck out, and start merrily slaying or stealing whatever we may want. A Frenzied vampire is one of no morals.

After four days, the pain is so bad that…I’m not even a rational creature anymore. I’m just a creature, who will do anything, and hurt anyone for the blood I need.

After that, well, it’s about a week, and I’ll stop moving entirely and go into some kind of hibernation. I’ll sleep and sleep and sleep until something gets close enough for me to grab. Then there’s a promise I will kill whatever I get my claws on.

So, that’s Hunger. And, how long I can go without eating. Kind of crazy, huh? I mean, I can go on without eating…as far as I know forever. But to remain the happy perky guy that I am, I need just a pint a day. That’s not too bad, huh? So much for being monsters.

We’ll see what I feel like talking about tomorrow.

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