First off, Who Am I?

My name is W.

Why am I being secretive about my name? Well, I’m sort of a wanted man.

I’ve been a vampire for…a little more than ten years. I was killed on July 25th, 1998, and I got up three days later, after crawling out of my own grave.

I’m an Anusian Strigorii. That’s to say, I’m an Old World Pagan vampire. At least, that’s the classification I’m given by the Government. I don’t tell them I’m a Strigorii, because, well, the Anusian Strigorii is one of the more violent and dangerous types of vampire, and I don’t want that hanging over my head, so on my ID card it just reads ‘Species: Unknown’.

Speaking of Species, I guess I should talk a little bit about that. You see, not all vampires are the same. Some can walk in daylight, others don’t have fangs, some have fangs that don’t retract, some are affected by holy items, others can breed with humans, some have horrific monstrous forms, others are made more beautiful by the transformation.

Oftentimes, a breed or species of vampire is named after the vampires that they most represent. There’s Anusian Strigorii, such as myself, Les Blanche Dames, and the Baobhan sith, and the most recent, vampires who’s mostly named for who is famous for writing abut them, such as the Ricean vampires, and what I call Smyers ‘pires. Hardly vampires at all, that lot.

So, what about me?

I’m an Anusian Strigorii. That means that my bloodline, species, breed, whatever, were created by a Goddess called Anusia. She’s an old Romany Goddess, and there’s a world creation myth to go along with her. I’ll tell that some other time, right now, we’re talkin’ about me.

Every Strigorii has their own ‘animal’ and mine is the wolf. It’s a fairly common one. Strigorii tend to form ‘packs’ out of other Strigorii that are closely related to them. Not by family lines, but by blood lines. For example, my Sire sired Childe A, and Childe A sired Childe B, I’d be related to Childe B. Of course, I’d be kind of bitchy towards Childe B because their blood wouldn’t be scented as closely to mine as, say, my Sire and Childe A’s. Strigorii do a lot through scent, such as marking our territory, our prey, and our lovers. I actually know a Childe C (That’s…someone my Sire’s Childe’s Childe’s Childe sired) and we hardly get along at all.

But partially, we don’t get along because he’s an ass. I’ll refer to him as asshole, or… V. Because that’s the first letter of his name.

What about blood?

Okay, to be honest, I’m not the best vampire in the world. I tend to feed on animals, and get my rampant desire to hunt out by attacking deer, rabbits, and generally terrorizing the local wildlife.

But, my biggest issue is that I DO need human blood. I’m the WORST at seducing humans, or outright attacking them. I’m…well, I guess the best term in the world for me is a reluctant vampire. I suck at this, no pun intended. Typically, I try to buy my blood, but blood is really expensive, often upwards of $200 a pint. Animal blood will only hold me over so long before I start craving human. And let me tell you, until you’ve experienced a vampire’s bloodlust, you don’t know what a craving is.

Hunger, not in the human way, but the vampire way, capital H, hurts. A lot. In humans, you might get some pangs in your stomach, feel weak and a little shaky. If you let it go your stomach might churn and growl, and you’ll get depressed and disoriented. If you let it go from there you probably get stomach cramps, and eventually die. Sucks, yeah, but…there’s the ropes.

In a Strigorii, I can almost always feel it. Typically, I need to eat every night. I don’t need much, just a pint of blood. When I wake up in the morning it’s with the whisper of pain in my fingertips and toes, a bit of an ache deep in my veins. I can usually ignore that, but, I don’t like to, because I know that the pain, a burning sensation, will just get worse. It feels, almost like having the flu, the way it affects the way you move and your joints.

Typically, I can still function at a day without blood. I can carry on the charade that I’m human pretty easily. I can go to work, smile, and provide excellent customer service… But, I’ve got a high pain tolerance.

More later…I’m hungry.

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    Hi there, just wаnted to mention, I liκed thiѕ blog
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